For Latinas who aspire to make a positive impact in their community by serving on a commission, board, or committee, it's essential to be equipped with the right training and support. In this article, we'll delve into the numerous opportunities available to help you excel in these roles. While commission participation can be an enriching and rewarding experience, ensuring you have the proper training and support is crucial for effectiveness.

Orientation Sessions and Training Programs

Many commissions offer orientation sessions to familiarize new members with the commission's goals and operations, as well as training on legal and ethical requirements for commission members. Beyond these basics, there are several other types of training programs that may be available to you. These can include workshops or webinars on specific topics related to the commission's work, and guest speakers or panel discussions featuring experts in the field. These training opportunities can help you feel confident and prepared to serve effectively on a commission, ensuring you make a positive impact on your community.

Support from City Staff and Fellow Commission Members

In addition to training programs, a range of support is available from city staff or fellow commission members to help you navigate your roles and responsibilities. This support can include mentoring or guidance from experienced members, access to staff support and resources such as administrative or research assistance, and opportunities to collaborate with other commissions or government entities. With the right support, you can make a significant difference in your community through commission membership.


Serving on a commission, board, or committee is an excellent opportunity for Latinas to make a difference in their communities. However, it's essential to have proper training and support to be effective in these roles. We encourage you to seek out training and support opportunities when considering commission membership. Together, we can make a positive change in our communities!

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